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Mountain Standard Poodle
Mountain Standard Poodle mountain Standard Poodle Mountain Standard Poodle Mountain Standard Poodle mountain Standard Poodle
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Mountain Standard Poodle Mountain Standard Poodle Mountain Standard Poodle
Basic Summer Time Tips:

Keep your dog hydrated
One of the most important tips, that I am sure you have heard a thousand times is DO NOT let your dog get dehydrated!!! 

However, it is important to remember not to let your dog drink excessively ​​before or after vigorous exercise. No one knows for sure the cause of bloat but studies have shown that too much food or water, especially if they are gulping, before or after exercise can contribute. (see our tips and more page for more information on bloat) 

3. Keep your dog's hair cut
It is highly recommended to keep your dog's hair short in the summer. Not only does it help to keep your dog cool, but it helps you to see any burrs, foxtails  or ticks that he might have picked up.

"Cool" summer time items for your dog
Go Fetch!
2. Don't leave your dog in the car
​Never leave your dog (or child) in a car in the summer. According to many studies, even when it is only 70 degrees outside, within 10 minutes the temperature inside the vehicle can reach 90 and within 30 minutes the temperature can be well over 100 degrees. Dogs have a harder time regulating their temperature than humans, so it is very important to never leave your dog in the car.

5. Protect your dog's feet
​You might not think about your dog's feet as much in 
the summer, but dog boots are a great idea in both the winter and the summer. Not only do the boots keep your doggie's feet from burning on the hot concrete or asphalt, but it can help keep foxtails from burrowing in between his toes. And just like shoes for you, they can keep your pal's feet safe from thorns, broken glass or whatever may be on the ground. 
Summer fun with your pup! 

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to go out in the field and play fetch in the evenings. We wait for it to cool off so the dogs don't over heat.

​​We discovered the                                   and love it. As the name explains, it is a  ball with an LED light in it. It is awesome when it gets dark because you don't have to go in. The dogs can still see the ball so you can play as long as they want, which is usually all night if you let them! The ball glows and if you throw it with the                                      all you can see as the dog is bringing it back is the glowing, bobbling ball floating through the air. 

4. Check daily for Foxtails​
Foxtails are a huge hazard to dogs if not removed. They can cause all kinds of skin problems if left in the skin. They can also cause major health problems if they find their way inside the dog through the nose, ears or any other opening. So be sure to check regularly, especially if you notice your dog excessively licking or scratching somewhere in particular. If you see an open wound the dog is licking a lot, one may have gotten inside. Look closely to see if you can see the end of it and try to pull it out yourself, but if it has gone in too far in, take your dog to the vet. The sooner you get the dog in to see the vet, the easier it is and more likely they can get it out.