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These are a few of our pups with their new families. 
Nina out for a boat ride. Nina is from Abby and Buddy's litter. Photo courtesy of Nina's family.
#standardpoodle #standardpoodle
Summerhill Sterling Calvin, doing amazingly  well in the confirmation show ring. Calvin is from Abby and D'artagnan's litter. Photos courtesy of his family. 
Murphy after his first trip to the groomers. Murphy is from Abby and Scout's litter. Photo courtesy of his family. 
#standardpoodle #standardpoodle
Lewis enjoying life. He is from Abby and Buddy's litter. Photos courtesy of his family. 
Max getting groomed. He is from Abby and D'artagnan's litter. Photo courtesy of his family.
What are people saying about us?
For anyone considering this pup, you won't regret it! We adopted his brother from the same litter, and he's the sweetest guy! So cuddly and a great personality.
-Andrea (GA)
If you really are going to buy one it should be from Mtn Standard. We got our Max a year and half ago and he is so SMART, even tempered and well behaved dog we have ever had. You will not be sorry!
-Pam (WA)
I want to thank you and your family for being reputable breeders of such amazing dogs! Last Christmas (2013) my dad surprised my family with "Rolls" the apricot standard poodle male. He is now named Mokii and he is my best friend in the whole world! He is the most well behaved, playful, happy go lucky and just all around wonderful dog! He's actually curled up in bed with me right this minute :) thank you for putting so much time and effort into your dogs. The world needs more breeders like you. Thank you for bringing me my happy, healthy boy, Mokii :)


A very happy customer

-Tiffany (UT)
Just want you to see how much we LOVE our girl she is beautiful and so very smart and social! Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family 
-Paula (WY)​
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#standardpoodle standard poodle #standardpoodle