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We get asked all the time, "We are getting a new puppy! What do we need to buy?!?!" So we have put together a list of some of the things we use for our dogs, both adult and puppies, to help the new puppy owner. 


                                are awesome.They have 2 doors and some have a divider to section it off while the pup is still potty training. (See our tips and more page for helpful potty training tips) The 42 inch crate is usually big enough for an adult poodle to still be able to stand in, which is great because adult dogs love to have their own special place when they need down time to nap in or to just relax after playing hard.
The bottom of the crate is hard plastic so it's nice for the dog to have something soft to lay on. A           is nice. 
Of course you will need                         . And somewhere to       the food. We recommend dishes that are wider at the bottom than the top. They won't tip over. We always use stainless steel because dogs can't chew it up and they are more sanitary. Some have rubber so they don't slide while the dog is trying to eat. 

**Warning: If you ever leave a food or water dish in a crate with a dog make sure it doesn't have a rubber ring around the base. A bored dog will chew at it and it can cause a choking hazard. On a lot of bowls, the rubber comes off easily and can be put back on if you want later. 

​**Also, they have a lot of pretty stands to feed your dog. Please avoid the temptation to feed your poodle on one! It was once thought that it reduced the chance of bloat, however, the latest research has shown that it ​​actually does the opposite and increases the risk for bloat. 
Doggie pick up       are a must when you go out with your dog, most places require you to pick up doggie droppings. Some places will even fine you if you don't. But whether they do or not, it's just common courtesy to clean up after your dog.

Pick up dispensers​​ come in so many shapes and sizes now a days. Some are even scented so you don't have to smell what's inside!

                Be sure to get plenty of extra ​​            !

You will need at least one              .    

                ​​Dog collars vary so greatly, making it so much fun to shop for! You can get them personalized with your contact info, decked out in bling, or even spikes! You can get them that snap close or buckle, in leather or cloth, in every color and design imaginable. I recommend getting a few different ones and seeing what you and your dog like. 

                Keep in mind that your puppy could grow a lot, so it's usually nice to get one that can grow with her. ​​

                Don't forget the                   ​​​

And, as has become the theme of this page, always, always watch for anything that could become a choking hazard. ​​
Please note: We have not necessarily personally tried all of the brands specifically mentioned in the ads. We either use the item or items very similar to what we have listed, but not necessarily the exact brand. This page is only meant to inform people that have bought puppies from us of items similar to ones we use and we find valuable. We do receive compensation if a purchase is made. However, we can not be held responsible if a product does not work for you. 
You will want at least 2 or 3          . Seems like they always get lost somehow! Leashes come in all shapes and sizes as well. I recommend trying a few different types and lengths and just seeing what you like the best. My husband likes the retractable kind, I like just the old fashioned strip of nylon with a clip, but there are lots of different types so have fun finding the best fit for you and your pet! 
      Toys are important for puppies as well as adult dogs. A bored dog is an ornery dog.
                ​Some of our favorites include ropes, ball and ball chucker, light up balls, laser lights, frisbees, and a variety of chew toys. 
We like pretty much everything we have ever tried from           Their products seem to hold up against even the most aggressive chewers. 

Some have a hole where you can put your dogs favorite treat, so he stays busy for a long time trying to get at it.​​
         should be a staple in your puppy toy box.  
              are awesome for getting your dog exercised but not wearing your arm out. It also keeps you from having to touch the slobbery ball! 

​ Be sure to keep several extra        on hand, especially while she is learning to fetch! ​​
A glowing         is so much fun in the late evening. There have been times when we have been playing with the dogs and it gets dark out in the field and all we can see is a glowing ball floating through the air as they are bringing it back to us. 
             are always fun. Some dogs don't care for them as much as a ball some love them more. See what works best for you and your dog! 
When you think of something chasing a light, you probably think of a kitten. We have had some dogs that absolutely love chasing a pointer. Especially on rainy days, it is a great way to use up some energy inside. 
Getting Started
We have tried lots of different types of pooper scoopers. The best we have found is a pan and a spade if your dog will mostly be pottying on a hard surface like concrete and a pan and a rake if the potty will be in the grass. 
Potty training
Especially with a young pup you will want to have lots of cleaneron hand. It is important to get cleaner with an enzyme to completely eliminate the odor. If any odor is left the dog will continue to potty in that same spot.
You will want lots and lots (and lots) of paper towels while potty training a new puppy. 
If your living arrangements allow for it, do yourself a favor and get a  doggie door. They are so useful.
If your situation doesn't allow for a doggie door,              bells are a great solution too. The dog quickly learns to ring the bell when she needs out. 

 If you are not within hearing range of the bells, don't leave the bells where they can become a ​​​choking hazard. 
Puppies should never have full unsupervised access to your house until they have proven they will respect your home. It is much easier for a pup to potty in a corner somewhere than go outside.

                ​​It is also not safe for the puppy. He could chew on cords etc and get hurt or ruin your house in a short amount of time.

​​Temporary gates are an excellent way to allow your puppy to learn respect as you gradually increase his boundaries to the whole house. 
                           with Benzocaine is great for stopping the nail from bleeding if cut too short and helps reduce the risk of infection. 
The                        and the    
                         are must haves for any
​​ poodle owner. They remove tangles, mats, loose hairs and dirt.

​​They also help 
tremendously if your dog happens upon a patch of burrs! 
Understandably, not everyone wants to groom their own dog. It can be a lot of work!
                ​ However, dogs love to roll and play in whatever the elements provide. So it is usually a good idea to have a few things on hand to be able to give your dog a quick bath or 
combing if the need arises before the next groomers appointment! 
                         come in so many scents. Find one that you like! 
It's always best to comb their hair while it's wet. If you don't have time to give her a bath you can spritz it with a 
If you want to do more of your own grooming this is the               I use most of the time. It comes with 2 batteries and several different length attachments. 
From time to time the                    do wear out so it's nice to have extras. 
A good pair of
                    are handy for larger pups and adult dogs. 

Don't forget the styptic powder, just in case.​​
                                               Mountain Standard Poodle                                                      
A good set of scissors, especially                                   are important to have if doing your own grooming.

 ​​Keep in mind that, as with most things, you get what you pay for. You will most likely be able to tell the difference between a $5- pair of scissors and a $100- pair of scissors. If you aren't sure if you want to do your own grooming get the cheaper ones and try it out. If you like it then get the higher quality ones later! 
As with most of the items listed on this page, you don't have to have it, but they are things we have found to be handy.  

If you plan on doing most or all of your own grooming a                  is very useful.

 ​Some are handy because they have a rolling stand and you can easily convert it to a hands-free​​ dryer. 
A                                   is handy to have if you are going to do your own grooming. I have tried sitting on the floor next to the dog but my back is not happy by the end!

​Some styles have a grooming arm and security loop to help your dog hold still, which is especially nice for those delicate places you don't want to mess up on. 

is an excellent book to help you where ever you may be on your grooming journey. 
standard poodle standard poodle
Bullies sticks are awesome! They last longer than most chew treats and they help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up.
standard poodle standard poodle standard poodle standard poodle standard poodle puppy
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Poodles are amazing dogs. They are one of the smartest breeds out there. Did you know they thrive on being near their people? They don't do well if they are locked outside in the back yard for hours at a time.  Help ensure you are giving your dog all the love he needs with great                  .
                   is a must! We use plenty of this. I have tried generic brands but have found a name brand does a better job. 
Be sure to check our our new tips and more page for useful information and tips. 
Parvo control-
The best way to prevent Parvo is to keep updated on your pups shots, however, even that doesn't always prevent it, so ​​​I highly 
recommend cleaning areas your puppy is in with Trifectant or bleach, regularly. Parvo is a horrible disease that young pups are especially vulnerable to. 

Of course you want your pup to learn to potty outside, but while he is learning, potty pads are a must! 
potty ​pad holder is equally important if you don't want your pup to drag the pad all over the house.​
A                    that clips on to the collar is fun to have if you get caught out at night. It keeps your dog safer and lets you play  longer! 

Mountain Standard Poodle Mountain Standard Poodle